Monday, 2 July 2018

Happy Canada Day

Hello again, well don't know what the weather is like where you are, but we have been hit with an unbelievably stifling heat wave!! All the more reason to stay inside, with lots of air conditioning, and color, cuz well sometimes we need an excuse to color, ( ok not really, but sounds good)

This month is mermaids.  I love the mermaids with all the pretty colors and the colors of the ocean. So much fun. 

so hope you enjoy my colorful mermaid,  she can be found at Sherry Ann Baldy's Etsy website, with the digi # ENCHANTED MAGICAL UNICORN SCAN 024

Till the next one..........Lauren

Friday, 15 June 2018

It feels like summer will actually come and visit

Hi everyone, My two favorite months of the year are June and September. June cause the weather is usually getting warmer and its my birthday month, and September cause the leaves are starting to change and the darn humidity is usually starting go away.

Happy Fathers day to all those dads, grand dads and guys who are positive role models for your kids,

I really enjoyed coloring this image as it came out really well,

And of course keep in mind he was colored with my wrist o a cast. 

This little guy was colored with copic markers in the following colors 

HAT: C3,R29,R22
SHIRT:E Y15, Y38, Y32, Y23
JEANS:B97,B95,B95, B93, B91,

SEE you in July!!

Friday, 1 June 2018

Hello everyone, I feel like the mail lady,LOL. I had major knee surgery on April 18 and 3 days before that I fell on the ice and broke my wrist. But alas, I still managed to get my cards done for the My Besties site. In fact, this card was done with a cast on my arm, hmmmm such dedication. So I hope you enjoy my June cards cause they were made with lots of dedication 
This little cutie was colored up with copic markers in the following colors:
HAT AND OVERALLS: B97, B95,B93, B91,C3,R29,R22,R59
SHIRT: Y17,738,Y35,Y32
BUCKET: Y17,Y13,Y11,
SKIN E04,E0000,E11,E21,E00
HAIR: YR31, YR14, YR14,YR18,E18,E15

Happy fathers day to all those dads, grand dads and influential males to kids everywhere. Hope you have the best day ever!!1

see you soon


Tuesday, 1 May 2018

It's May 1, 2018.  Happy Mother's day to all those mothers and grandmothers out there. There is nothing that really compares to being a mom. 

If I had a pool, this is what I would be doing on Mother's day!! Oh to dream.  
This lovely lady was colored up with copics, my fav medium.  

Hope everyone  has a great mothers day! Remember to treat those that are mom's, grandmothers and special ladies in their life. 

Till next time...................


Sunday, 15 April 2018

Hi everyone, I'm here today with mid April's blog for My Besties.  She's a cutie!  I chose this image cause I am going to be having knee surgery and I know that cycling, albeit on a stationary bike, not in the country side, will be a big part of my recovery and rehab. 

So enjoy the image, 

So until next time.............


Friday, 6 April 2018

I really am learning about blogs, and If anyone can mess it up, its me,.  It seems that the picture never got posted. so I am updating my April 1, 2018 blog with the picture.

So here is my little cutie,I nicknamed Chillaxin, cause that what she says to me, haha.

The colors are on the previous blog, next time I will do it right, promise!!

Till next time............


Sunday, 1 April 2018


Hi Everyone, the snow is trying to melt, but everytime it does, it snows again!! I am soooo done with winter. This little cutie,whom I have nicknamed Chillaxin, this is the link to the image 102149218398215117.39MP 3250 x 2274 544.36KB

I used mostly copic markers. Here are the colors:

Flowers R59, RV55, RV63,RV10, R 81, R85
Centre: Y21, Y23, E15
HAT: BG00, BG01,BG05,BG07
PURPLE BV34, BV,04,BV01,BV00
SHOES C1, C3, C5

Now I worked very hard on this image, over and over again. This rendering was pretty good until I got to the pants, so the pants are actually a print cut out of paper, works for me.

Hope you enjoyed todays chillax chick